Deb Stanley Art

Coloured Pencil & Pastel Artist


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Deb is based in Malvern, Worcestershire and has been creating art full time since 2013. Working with coloured pencils and pastels Deb has honed her craft enjoying the process of figuring out how to render different textures.


Deb’s style is realistic, her art looks like a photograph from a distance whilst keeping the softness of a drawing when viewed close at hand. Her work is based largely on the natural world, where she concentrates on details to bring animals, birds, and flowers to life. 


Except for some commissions Deb works from her own photographs giving her complete control over the creative process. This allows her to study the animals and their characters envisaging how a piece might work and creating a narrative.


Deb is exploring digital art and has completed several pieces using an Ipad, initially intending to work more loosely her work still has a realistic style.


Deb has had artwork and articles published in international magazines and received the David Shepherd award at The Wildlife Art Society International Annual Exhibition in 2018 and 2019.


Deb offers one to one or couples workshops at her artroom in Malvern and is open for commissions.


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