New Products

I'm opening my website blog with some good news!

All of my greeting cards are finally on my website as individual items so it's easy for people to make their own selections. You would think things like this should be easy but adding in discounts to match those I offer in the real world has complicated things. The prices now match to my satisfaction and I hope that the large collection of over 70 designs I've built up will appeal to a wide audience.

Most of my greeting cards are also available as limited edition fine art giclee prints, I haven't reached the stage yet where any of them have completely sold out although some of my earlier works which were only available as digital prints done by me on a high quality Epson printer have now been discontinued, if there are any requests to have them printed again they will be printed by my local award winning printer as giclees so I can be sure of a consistent quality.

Some available originals have been added to my website and more will be added soon, I have only added one photo of each at the moment but will add some close up shots so the details can be seen.

I've enjoyed taking part in a few outdoor events recently, the wind and rain at The Three Counties wasn't much fun but we got through it!. I visited Moseley for the first time last weekend and it was a great day, lots of friendly people who were interested in art. I only have one more event booked in for this year at the moment as it's been such a weird time, if I get anything else booked up I'll post out the details in my news letter. My next event is planned on 24th October at Malvern Priory, if you are in the area it would be great to see you, stop by and say hello.

Best wishes


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